Foodie Missionary Moment

I did copy this from my personal blog, but it is relevant to the conversation here.  As a planner, we do bring our own personal value, opinions and philosophies into play.  For some things, it may be a direct interest in implementing a personal agenda or theory, for others it may be more subtle.  Just […]

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Local: What does it even mean?

One of the things that consumers in my class looked for when the purchased an item was whether it was “local” or not.  I have been a part of many “Local Food” movements.  I had to stop and think for a minute.  What do they *mean* when they say “local”.  It is within 50-miles?  It […]

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A Brief Period of Reflection

Before I go into the last set of posts for this portfolio, I wanted to go back to an earlier post about an assignment that has us looking at what it takes to be a planner, the spheres and hierarchies lesson.  I promised one right off, but decided to wait and let this process evolve […]

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Soap Box

There is one sentence that is used too often in our course this year: “Jane Jacobs… She was not a trained planner..”  I cringe when I hear that.  Some time later she will then be followed by one of my demi-Gods Rachel Carson and the comments generally run along the lines of trying to discredit her […]

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Class Survey

Environmental Economics can be broken down into two camps, Ecological Economics and Environmental Economics. Ecological Economics is a more modern approach and looks to add a monetary value to something like biodiversity as a way to address the environment.  Like Lewis Mumford, it tries to tie in the social capital.  Ecological Economics differs from Environmental […]

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We did a debate – Richard Florida Team

Debate Project – Richard Florida Team Background We have been asked to look at an urban core redevelopment project. It has experienced major disinvestment and decline in recent decades. The neighborhood is currently characterized by high rates of poverty and unemployment, high levels of local building vacancy/neglect, deteriorated infrastructure, lack of businesses (quantity, quality and […]

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